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  About us  
Our Company was founded on 21 September 1993. It was recorded in the Register of Companies of Arezzo on 19 February 1996, even if it was already an individual company in 1967 with trademark 68AR. The owner, Ada Zadi, has always had her own company, when working for the firm Domini Patrassi, today a 7AR. Later on, her family’s development and the growing market resolved in her son Luciano and her daughter Clara Nocentini to participate in the success of their manufacturing, which developed into a 30 employees company.

We are specialized in the production of empty tube articles which are entirely worked on inside our company from fusion to finish; our production consists of: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, tiepins, coverbottons, crosses, and diamond engagement rings. We are equipped to produce gold in 585%, 750% and 800%, even if in the past we have also worked with silver. In any case, our machineries allow us to work with any material, such as brass, steel, etc. Our customers are for the most part wholesalers, in both Italy and Europe. Every single one of them recognizes our attention to detail of our final product and our keeping of the delivery time. We are present at the Vicenza Gold Fair in its three yearly editions, in Las Vegas, and in the major Gold shows. Today our goal is to be able to combine our professionalism and our craftmade skills with the natural technological evolution that has allowed companies like ours to serve highly recognized brands.

ZADI di ZADI ADA e C snc- Loc. La Chianicella, 54/55 - 52010 Ceciliano (AR) Tel. +39 0575 320724 - +39 0575 320732 Fax +39 0575 320739 - P.IVA 01416490512

Gli aiuti di Stato e gli aiuti "de minimis" ricevuti dalla nostra impresa sono contenuti nel Registro Nazionale degli aiuti di Stato di cui all'art.52 della Legge 234/2012 a cui si rinvia e consultabili al seguente link